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April 17, 2009

I’m Featured on Follow 5 Friday @ Cats Who Twitter!

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Oscar asked me to be a part of Follow 5 Friday on CWT!

Oscar asked me to be a part of Follow 5 Friday on CWT!

@OscartheCat asked me to be part of his Follow 5 Friday Cats Who Twitter today! Since I’m a dog and not a cat, this is an extra special honor. Check it out here!



April 9, 2009

My Royal Pack

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Thanks to @Monkey_Cat‘s suggestion, I have started my very own Royal Pack!

All animals, big and small, are welcome to join my pack, as long as they have an adoption story, volunteer experience, or charitable organization to share with the world! The point of my Royal Pack is to spread the word about rescue animals and organizations/efforts that help animals in need.

I have started taking requests to join my Royal Pack. So far 11 animals have asked to join! Once you submit a request, the Queen and I review it and let you know if you’ve been accepted into the pack. If you are accepted (which 99.9% of anipals are), you will be asked to provide us with a biography and photos to go on your very own page at DukeRichard.com. However, the best part about being accepted into my Royal Pack is that you get a Royal Title! You can pick your own, or we will bestow one upon you =).

I’ve also started collecting some of my favorite places on the web and putting them here. If you’d like your blog or website added, please send me an email.

Lastly, I am thinking about having a contest to get a new logo/web banner. The Queen did her very best to make one, but she is not very artistic or savvy with graphic design. So, to all my artsy friends out there, please vote in the poll below!

That’s all for now. The Queen has off tomorrow, so she’s hoping to get some animal pages up in the Royal Pack.


April 8, 2009


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After another disappointing loss in the Spike’s Pack voting yesterday, I’ve decided to start my own Royal Pack!

Everything is still in the very early organizational stages, but I now have my own website! Please feel free to check out www.dukerichard.com. I will post more information about the Royal Pack in the coming weeks.


February 27, 2009

Welcome, My Loyal Servants!

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Hello! My name is Duke Richard II, also known as Dr. 2 or Dapper Duke to my friends. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Sorry to inform you I will not be posting other than pictures and videos here.  I am, afterall, just a dog!  I simply needed a place to organize and display all of my charming photos and entertaining video clips for you to see!

Don’t forget to add me on Twitter!


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