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August 13, 2009

My New (and First!) Foster Bro, Curly

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Curly Dog!

When the Queen told me I’d be getting a new foster brother, I was very excited! Sophie is a nice sister and all, but I’d always dreamed of having a bro-dog. Before the Queen went to get Curly, she told me he was a young pup (14 months) with lots of energy, so I was going to have to be patient with him. I didn’t care, though, because I was just looking forward to playing!

Curly arrived and the Queen let me get a good sniff at him through the baby gate. He smelled OK, so the I told the Queen to go ahead and let him in. Once she did, we ran around for about 15 minutes trying to figure out who was going to be in charge. I was able to assert my authority over Curly (it is, after all, MY house) and then we just went on playing.

That first night I showed Curly how to use the dog door and how to sit for a treat. He is a really smart dog, so he picked it up right away!

Sitting for Treats

Since he’s been here, Curly has been a pretty good dog. The Queen takes him on long runs since he has SO much energy. I don’t get jealous, because to be honest, better him than me (BOL)! I hate going on long runs, but Curly has a lot of energy. He paces a lot inside and is ALWAYS trying to get me to play with him, so when I’m tired, I just give him a little bark and he is pretty good about leaving me alone.

Curly Winking

Overall, Curly is one cool dude. He’s smart, cuddly, and loves running (which the Queen likes, I think). If you would like to adopt him, go to Austin Pets Alive! and submit an inquiry about Curly.

Curly will definitely need a house with a BIG yard, maybe a buddy for him to play with, and an owner with lots of patience who is willing to help Curly behave like a proper dog should. He’s had a lot of changes and hardship in his young life, so some love and stability would definitely do him some good (we’re trying, but we can’t keep him forever!).

I’ll update you on Curly soon!



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  1. awww Curly looks so sweet and fun!
    Kudos foryou and your mom for fostering him! *woof*

    Comment by LouPeb — August 21, 2009 @ 6:12 PM

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